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Best wine farms to visit in Stellenbosch

Is there such a thing?   How does one measure ‘the best?’  These, and many more questions arise when planning a visit to the Stellenbosch wine region.

Such as whether to self-drive or make use of a tour company.Both have their pros and cons.  For those who decide on option one, there will always be the issue of drinking and driving.  This is not something to be taken lightly.

Then there is the plethora of wine farms to choose from.  Where to begin?  With around three hundred wineries in the Cape wine region to choose from, the options will seem overwhelming.  Just the Stellenbosch region has around 150 wineries, most of which are open to the public for wine tastings. There are many advantages in choosing to make use of a tour company.  Your guide will have his or her favourite wine farms.  Hopefully these will be amongst the preferred farms.  And then your guide will know the history of the region, the history of wine in the Cape, and have a good knowledge of wine and wine making. Where did the name Pinotage come from?  What does the term terroir mean, and how does it affect our wines?  What is Cape Dutch architecture all about? For those visitors to Cape Town who choose to make use of a tour company, the next question is whether to make use of a tour company that only offers private tours, or to go on a scheduled tour.

Amazing Cape Town Tours only offers private tours. 

The first imperative, in our opinion, is to visit farms that make great wine.  After all, that is surely the whole point of the day.  Then a chosen winery needs to have something above and beyond just great wines on offer.  So many do just that.  A great ambiance, stunning views, organic wines, and knowledgeable sommeliers would be amongst the considerations to be taken into account when choosing which farms to visit.

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Most of us are familiar with the quote about ‘the road less traveled.’ This is our philosophy when it comes to wine tours. One wants to get far from the madding crowd.  Visitors to this corner of Africa will hopefully have an understanding of how our great wine makers are using the soil, sun, rain and wine barrels to give expression to our wonderful wines.

Come visit - for the love of wine!

Dawid van der Merwe