Stunning Stellenbosch wine tours

When one of the world’s most respected wine critics and writers talks about the Cape wine region using superlatives such as, “unforgettable”,” dynamic” , and “the most exciting wine region in the world,” one takes note.

Neal Martin, a regular visitor to the Stellenbosch wine region, also sings the praises of the beautiful landscapes of the area, the natural vegetation, fynbos, covering the hillsides, and the friendliness of virtually everyone working on the farms.

What more could a visitor to Cape Town ask for?  Wonderful wines?  We’ve got them.  Prices that are more than friendly on the pocket?  Of course, goes without saying.

For a wonderful day where you will learn about the history of wine in this beautiful part of the world, the current situation, some fun facts, and much more, this will be a day to remember.

The Cape winelands are not renowned for any particular varietal, but do so many different wines really well.

Chenin Blanc is the harlequin of wines.  It can be anything the wine makers choose it to be. Sauvignon Blanc and chardonnays are fantastic white wines; while the reds are also well worth exploring.

No any one wine is associated with this area, because there are so many excellent varietals.

Join us as we explore this outstanding corner of the Cape.